Some Practical Information


Grenoble is the doorway to the Alps, situated in the south-west of France. It is a one and a half hour drive from either Geneva or Lyons.

The colloquium will be held at the Grenoble University Campus at St Martin d’Hères and can be reached by trams B and C (tram stop: ‘Biblothèques universitaires’). From the train station or the city centre the journey takes approximately 20 – 25 minutes.


the nearest airport is Lyon St Exupéry – there is a good shuttle service between the Lyon airport and Grenoble. You should be able to book your shuttle ticket on-line. The shuttle arrives at the Grenoble train station and it is very easy to connect straight to the tram and then to the campus.


The tram line B goes from the train station to the university, passing through the city centre (Direction Gières, Plaine des Sports).
Le ticket 10 voyages : 13,40
Le ticket 30 voyages : 36,50
Le ticket Visitag 3 jours : 12 €

  • Ticket must be punched before getting on the tram/bus each time.
  • Ticket available at : agences de mobilité, Points services, distributeurs, Relais TAG et sur la boutique en ligne.
  • Each ticket is valid for one hour – during which you may change trams, switch to the bus, change directions etc.
  • Your last change must be made before the hour is over.
  • Several people may use the same ticket – but it must be punched once per person. Ex if three people are using it, please punch it three times.
  • 3 tickets for 10 trips each. The rest is the same.
  • Ticket available at: agences de mobilité, Points services, distributeurs et sur la boutique en ligne.
  • This ticket allows you to use all the public transport systems of Grenoble (tram/bus) for three calendar days after punching.
  • You can find the plan of Grenoble and the public transport system on:


We do not have conference lodgings as such, but we have an arrangement with two hotels for rooms at special conference rates (60 € a night). The first is at the railway station, and the second in downtown Grenoble, both are on the tram line B.

Hôtel Le Central’Gare | ResidHotel location de résidence
Hôtel Grenette | ResidHotel location de résidence

If you choose to stay at one of these hotels, please book directly by sending an email to the hotel of your choice with dates, number of persons etc. The code for the conference rate is: STENDHAL/VIOLETS-IN-A-CRUCIBLE.

At this date we have rooms in both hotels, but we have made no pre-reservations. Places therefore depend on availability.